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[The traditional method of making wine in chateau Simon]

The vineyards of Barsac-Sauternes and Graves are the most ancient in the BORDEAUX area. They date back from the Roman era.
Our wines originate from this antique tradition.

Our 17 hectares of vines in the appelation Barsac-Sauternes are composed of 85% Sémillon, 12% Sauvignon and 3% Muscadelle. Only when the precious and unique action of the Botrytis-Cinérea ,a fungus also called “noble rot” appears can the grapes be hand-picked.

This constant concern with the right degree of maturity and” noble rot “requires up to three or four successive picking sessions. This unique technique in grape gathering accounts for the limited production in quantity together with a high concentration of flavours combining citrus fruit, sweet spice and crystallised fruits. Only the best oak barrels are selected to make our wines age for one year and to impart them a delicate golden colour.

Our 8 hectares of old Graves wines situated in a gravelly soil in the Budos area are composed of 40% Cabernet Sauvignon and 60% Merlot. The picking is done manually. The traditional method of making the wine and keeping it in barrels gives the red wines a ruby colour and a “boisé” quality with a superb bouquet. Our white Graves (50% Sauvignon and 50% Sémillon) have a rate aroma of ripe citrus fruit together with a touch of grilled taste.

Since 2002, the Dufour family has exploited 7 hectares situated in the area of Saint Michel de Rieufret on gravelly soil favourable to Cabernet Sauvignon. This vineyard is characterized by its unique location isolated in the middle of a forest of oak and pine trees. This wine called Agapes de Rieufret is complex and intense.