The wine estate

Château Simon’s vineyard benefits from all that this stunning region of south west France has to offer successful producers and wine lovers alike. Nestled between The Garonne river and cooling properties of the Ciron, the region provides perfect conditions to showcase our exceptional wine production.

The Château Simon : Two centuries of history…
… Terroirs valued and nurtured with passion

Since 1814 Family Dufour have cropped vines and produced Château Simon Barsac – Sauternes wine for all to enjoy. Knowledge and experience handed down from generation to generation with a pioneering spirit has seen Château Simon develop across an impressive 33 hectares situated on the appellations Barsac-Sauternes, Graves & Bordeaux.

With a balanced diversity of terroirs, a conscientious approach to vines and a respect for the environment, Château Simon innovates with passion, dynamism & determination. Our vineyard showcases excellent vinification methods and blending choices that lead our strive for perfection.

With two generations gathered on the historical estate, every day we strive to combine treasured traditions and modern techniques to produce and commercialise an impressive range of outstanding wines. Château Simon’s wine production is the harmonious balance of generously fertile land synonymous with this region & the devoted commitment of our talented artisans.

An exceptional terroir nurtured by a unique microclimate
… Testimony of Château Simon’s wine characteristics

The rich geographical features of Château Simon’s location between Garonne river and Ciron (a little river that rises in the eastern part of Landes de Gascogne), is what moulds its distinct personality. Our Sauternes wines benefit from the unique microclimate that creates a temperature differential between warm waters from the Garonne & freezing waters from the Ciron. These individual characteristics allow us to produce stunning wines representative of this individual commune.

In the Autumn, morning mists act as a catalyse aiding the development of Botrytis Cinerea, known as the noble rot, the Holy Grail of Sauternes wine. Barsac is famed for its limestone rich soil and Château Simon’s favourable location can be noted in our Barsac-Sauternes wines that are full of freshness & have a dynamic taste of rare elegance.

The Graves appellation soil is full of stones carried by the Garonne, a natural phenomenon dating back millennia. These collections of stones absorb heat from the long summer days to rejuvenate the soil overnight. This brings the wonderful quality of optimal maturity to Graves wines. Our Graves Red, White & Superior are produced on the fertile lands of Budos village (Château Simon) and Saint-Michel de Rieufret (Château de Rieufret).

A knowledge elevated by well-balanced choices…
… Respecting people and nature

Striking the right balance between ancestral and modern techniques, along with our environmentally friendly approach, we continue to maintain the high standards of viticulture. This established ethos is predominant in our wine production and is carried through the grape selection, blending processes and ends with the unmistakable characteristics of our wine. Aroma, freshness & sweetness create an elegant range with great finesse.

Sustainable viticulture techniques are widely used at our vineyard implementing modern bio-control solutions. Château Simon is proudly certified to High Environmental Value Level II.

Our family and our estate are mindful of the importance and responsibility we have towards the human and environmental impact our business may have. Our daily regime is conducted with thought and respect for both, whilst protecting nature and reducing our carbon foot-print.